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ViFill Artificial Turf Fill

Good for you, good for the environment! Artificial Turf Infill choices don't need to be limited to just rubber and sand. There is an alternative with many positive health, environment, and economic attributes.

Green Vi-Fill

Vi-Fill is a unique and innovative infill made from post consumer recycled glass. It is a rounded material that will not compact over time and can be used for topdressing existing fields as well as the entire infill for new fields. Vi-Fill works well with many different types of turf and provides for a very playable surface for all sports.

Vi-Fill does not absorb heat like rubber or sand and maintains a much lower playing surface temperature than existing infills. It will not support bacterial activity, and has no heavy metals or hazardous materials in its composition.


Brown Vi-Fill

Vi-Fill is available in off-white, green and brown, and custom colors can be formulated.

When used in new construction, this infill can be removed from the worn out turf, stockpiled on site, and re-used for the next new turf field. Vi-Fill can either be re-used in a new field or can easily be recycled into a new product.

When the decision is made to replace the Vi-Fill it can be recycled back as an input for construction materials or used as a soil amendment for grassy areas, flower beds, or gardens. Vi-Fill never needs to end up in the landfill.


Download Technical Data Sheet and MSDS PDF's for Vi-Fill by clicking on their highlighted links

For more information or to place an order please email Aaron Teel ateel@viceroyceramics.com or call 814-574-2424.



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